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Effect of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) on Perivascular Spaces (PVS)

TM3 is studying the effect of mild traumatic brain injuries (TBI) on the perivascular spaces (PVS) in the brain and their subsequent effect on waste clearance. There have been studies conducted independently that study the adverse effects of TBI on PVS as well as PVS being directly implicated in waste clearance of molecules such as Amyloid-Beta or other neurodegenerative-inducing molecules. This study seeks to combine prior research into a novel study that begins to reveal the detrimental effects of TBI on the human brain.

UF has the Most Black Women Faculty in Engineering

A Journal of Blacks in Higher Education article “The University of Florida Has the Most Black Women Faculty in Engineering”  quotes Dr. Lakesha Williams: Representation is critical, and it’s important for students to see people who look like themselves in the classroom and outside of the classroom,” Dr. Williams said.

High School Student Science Training Program

Dr. Williams gave an invited talk to over 90 high school students in UF’s Student Science Training Program (SSTP). Her talk with titled “Biomedical Engineering and Dr. Lakiesha Williams.” Dr. Williams talked about her path to becoming a BME professor, what sparked her interest in the field, her value for training the next generation of […]

National Biomechanics Day

Fourth and Fifth graders came to learn about the magical world of biomechanics. TM3 lab members had playdough models of soft tissues to explain biomechanics concepts.

The Dispatch Features Pioneering Local Women

The Dispatch of Columbus and Starkville, Mississippi featured Dr. Lakiesha Williams in an article honoring local women: Pioneers in their field: Local women discuss their challenge-laden paths to success