Constitutive Modeling of Soft Tissues

TM3 lab generates 3D reconstructions of tissues and organs from CT and MR images. Finite element models of these reconstructions are created to predict injury to the tissues and organs while subjected to various conditions.

Dura Layers

Quantifying Planar Stress in Soft Tissues

TM3 is investigating the deformation behavior of native cranial soft tissues to lay a scientific foundation for designing superior tissue surrogates with optimized properties, and developing a tissue engineered dura mater patch with the objective of preventing problems associated with synthetic patches which include CSF leakage and patch integration with the native tissue.

Traumatic Brain injury

Repetitive Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

We are using novel imaging techniques in pre-clinical mild TBI models in an effort to accurately quantify mechanistic changes in the brain associated with repetitive blunt and blast brain trauma.

Energy Mitigating Woodpecker structure

Modeling and Prototyping

TM3 lab is working on designing impact mitigating materials inspired from natural systems. We are using lessons from nature to optimize designs of protective gear for soldiers and athletes.

3d rendered, medically accurate illustration of the anterior cruciate ligament

Tendon and Ligament Mechanics

TM3 is developing a constitutive model of the anterior cruciate ligament in an effort to model mechanistic changes that cannot be captured experimentally.

Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury

Effect of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) on Perivascular Spaces (PVS)

TM3 is studying the effect of mild traumatic brain injuries (TBI) on the perivascular spaces (PVS) in the brain and their subsequent effect on waste clearance. There have been studies conducted independently that study the adverse effects of TBI on PVS as well as PVS being directly implicated in waste clearance of molecules such as Amyloid-Beta or other neurodegenerative-inducing molecules. This study seeks to combine prior research into a novel study that begins to reveal the detrimental effects of TBI on the human brain.